Aircraft Ride Quality Analysis

APR’s premier product, the Aircraft Ride Quality Analysis clearly identifies how an aircraft will respond to your pavement’s profile. Whether it is to enhance your existing pavement management program or to identify an area of roughness causing pilot complaints, the aircraft ride quality analysis is a proven and reliable technology.

Profile Measurement - Measure Everything

Aircraft come in all sizes and operating speeds.  For an effective analysis, the profile data you use must measure all bumps and dips regardless of wavelength or amplitude.  APR’s Auto Rod and Level is the best unit available to balance speed with accuracy.

True profile data gives you all this and is great for pavement management.

Aircraft Simulation - The Next Step

Once the profile is measured, the best method to analyze it is to simulate aircraft performing realistic operations.  APR’s aircraft simulation technology is the most accurate method to determine how an aircraft responds to the profile.  With over 16 types of commercial aircraft, APR’s technology will simulate takeoff, landing, constant speed taxi and aborted takeoff.

Straightedge Analysis - Old Becomes New Again

APR’s straightedge analysis allows you to see how well the measured profile compares to current ride quality specifications such as the FAA’s AC 150/5370-10G or ICAO’s Annex 14.  However, these specifications are more useful for identifying small wavelength defects in the pavement.  Longer straightedge can be simulated that reflect the longer wheelbases of the commercial aircraft.

Reported Findings…Detailing the Facts

The results of the aircraft ride quality analysis are all documented and included in an engineering report.

  • Detailed Profile Plots Illustrating the Measured Profile of the Runway

  • Aircraft Simulations for Both a Narrow Bodied Aircraft and a Wide Bodied Aircraft

  • Takeoff, Landing, Constant Speed Taxi and Aborted Takeoff Simulations from Both Ends of the Runway

  • Short and Long Straightedge Analysis for Each Line of Survey Measured of the Runway

This report, coupled with over 20 years worth of experience, provides you with a comprehensive analysis detailing the true ride quality of your pavement.

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