Design Analysis

Sure, it Looks Good on Paper, But Do You Know How Good the Ride Quality Will Be?

with apr's design analysis, now you know!

In the past, pavement designers had no way of knowing if a pavement design will offer suitable ride quality once constructed.  This can be particularly problematic when you are tying into an existing pavement such as designing a runway intersection that must meet the elevations of the intersecting runway.  APR’s aircraft simulation can provide you with answers.  APR can use the design data as profile data and tell you exactly how an aircraft will respond to the proposed profile.

To the right are two plots; the first compares the “as-is” (on top) to the proposed design (bottom).  APR was able to convert the design data into profile data and conduct aircraft simulations to determine its ride quality.  The second slide plots the simulation of a Boeing 737-800 on the design data showing smooth aircraft responses.

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