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This is a presentation given by APR at the October 2012 Airport Pavement Workshop hosted by the Southeast Chapter of the American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA).  This presentation discusses:

  • Importance of Smoothness
  • New Pavement Acceptance Criteria
  • The Various Types of Profile Measurement Devices Available
  • Pavement Roughness
  • Pavement Rejection Criteria (FAA AC 150/5380-9)
  • Case Histories

This five-page printable document discusses APR’s products, services and technology and provides you with ideas on how APR can help you manage your airfield pavements.  These documents include:

  • Ride Quality Analysis
  • Profile Measurement
  • Aircraft Simulation
  • New Pavement Acceptance
  • How APR can Help You.

This presentation shows you how APR’s technology enhances existing pavement management programs.  It elaborates on the following subjects:

  • Aircraft Simulation
  • Profile Measurement
  • Problems Associated With the Boeing Bump Index (BBI)
  • What APR’s Services Provide our Clients

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