Roughness Investigation and Repair

Runway Roughness Can Be a Difficult Problem to Diagnose….

                                                                                             Let Alone Fix.

roughness before and after

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Pilot or passenger complaints produce many of APR’s roughness investigation projects. However, what may seem rough to one pilot is not considered rough by another.  It is a subjective experience.  APR has the technology to remove the guessing game from this problem.

Accurate profile measurement and aircraft simulation will pinpoint areas of roughness and will quantify the aircraft’s response.  Once identified, APR can use its Repair Profile technique to optimize a pavement repair that will limit pavement down time and improved aircraft ride quality.

On the left are two plots that identify a series of roughness events before and after simulated repairs.  Before repairs, this runway consistently caused pilot and passenger complaints.  The “After Repairs” plot illustrates APR’s optimized repair technique being developed and tested using aircraft simulation.   As you can see, the aircraft response was greatly improved and pilot complaints stopped.

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