APR has developed unique technology that gets to the truth about airport pavement ride quality.  APR developed Aircraft Simulation for use in evaluating pavement ride quality.  Coupled with True Profile measurement, APR can accurately report a pavement’s ride quality either to diagnose a problem area or to integrate into an airport’s pavement management program.

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Aircraft Simulation

With over 20 years of proven effectiveness, APR’s Aircraft Simulation is accurate and provides you with actual feedback on how an aircraft responds to the pavement.  Click here to learn how APR uses this technology to see what’s considered rough and what is not.

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Pavement Profile Baseline

Pavements change their shape over time.  APR’s Profile Baseline capability is achieved when the runway’s profile is measured with the Auto Rod and Level.  It is one of the best tools in use for Pavement Management.  Read here about the importance of a profile baseline and why airports around the world are using it to enhance their pavement management programs.

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Straightedge Analysis

The straightedge is an old tool, but APR is giving it new life.  Historically, the straightedge was limited in its length for practical reasons.  Now, with measured profile data, the straightedge can be a simple but effective method to evaluate pavement ride quality.  Read about how APR uses the straightedge to help airports evaluate their pavement ride quality.

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Long Wavelength Analysis

Commercial aircraft are bigger now than ever.  It’s time we start to evaluate the bumps and dips that affect their ride quality.  To do that, we have to look at longer wavelengths.  Learn about how APR uses its technology to measure and identify these events.

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